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Welcome to CB3 Connections: Strategic Partners in

Healthcare Leadership


Expertise in Strategic Workforce Solutions for Healthcare

CB3 Connections specializes in strategic workforce solutions, focusing on healthcare organizations that provide services to vulnerable populations, such as senior living and community health. With over 25 years of HR experience, our firm is dedicated to enhancing the leadership capabilities of healthcare organizations through precise and thoughtful engagement.


Our Specialization


We connect visionary healthcare professionals with organizations that seek skills and true leadership qualities. Whether you are enhancing your leadership team or pursuing significant career advancement, we facilitate these crucial connections.


Why Choose CB3 Connections?


Healthcare Expertise: We bring specialized understanding to the unique needs of the healthcare sectors we serve, providing tailored strategic solutions.


Strategic Leadership Facilitation: We focus on identifying and placing leaders who can transform healthcare delivery in their communities.


Customized Strategic Planning: We approach each client relationship with a commitment to aligning our strategic services with your specific organizational goals.


Proactive Workforce Planning: We help you devise forward-thinking strategies that equip your organization to navigate future challenges and seize opportunities efficiently. Our strong connections with industry leaders enable us to facilitate swift and effective placements.


Dedicated Partnership Model: By profoundly understanding your unique requirements, we create and implement thoughtful strategies that aim to exceed expectations.


CB3 Connections is committed to forming lasting relationships with healthcare organizations that value thoughtful, strategic engagement. Let us help you build a team prepared to meet the demands of tomorrow’s healthcare challenges.

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